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Book of Ra Deluxe Slot Review

For those who love to play the classic game Book of Ra. Now you can experience the slot machine classic not only on the PC but also on the phone. We have rated him for you. Learn more about the version for Android and IOS apps from one of the most popular games in the field of online casino games.

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In this article, the game Book of Ra will be examined more closely. It is not about the simple standard version and not about the variety of offshoots or the “extended versions” so the standard games with one or the other additional function. No, this is about the king version of Book of Ra – the Book of Ra Deluxe Edition.
And not on PC but as a mobile version for the smartphone or tablet. Of course, in a sense, it is difficult to compare these two systems. Realistically, a PC version of a game simply has a lot more possible system requirement, such as a tablet or a smartphone. Nevertheless, an effective comparison of these two versions is certainly possible Because the game meets similar requirements in both versions:

● As a slot machine game, both variants offer similar operating conditions
● The basic graphic requirements can easily be met in both versions

Overall, it is thus so that both versions could easily run in the basic variant on both systems. The question is rather to what extent these possibilities are being implemented especially in the mobile app and to what extent the manufacturers of the game manage here to incorporate new features to increase the fun without disturbing the gameplay.
Below, therefore, both versions are briefly presented and presented where the changes of Book of Ra Deluxe Slot compared to the previous versions are. In a conclusion then interested Book of Ra players get an evaluation of the new game. And at the end of this review, so the pros and cons of the new app version of this slot machine classic should be clearly visible.

What is Book of Ra?

For those who do not know the game, here is an insight into a real game classic and for many the absolute star among the slot machine games.
In Book of Ra is a slot machine also called slot machine game. In contrast to most other slot games, this one certainly has its own storyline that makes the game already much more interesting than the normal slot machine games.
Another difference is the fact that the Book of Ra five reel has the simplest slot machine games but only three. In addition, other symbols are shown here, and some symbols are offered with additional function. This offers players several new variants and opportunities to get ahead in the game.

Additional features and symbols have been added to Book of Ra variants and enhancements. Thereby it is e.g. easier to get extra bonuses or free spins. In addition, there are some new winning combinations.

Book of Ra Deluxe Slot

The latest version of Books of Ra is Books of Ra Deluxe Slot. This is not just the deluxe version of the slot machine classic, as the name might suggest. Rather, here the game classic Book of Ra was lifted in its Deluxe version in a new level of entertainment media.
Instead of being able to play the game as before on the PC or notebook on the Internet, it is now also possible to play the game on the smartphone or tablet. To make this possible, a separate new version of the classic game for Android and IOS was developed. But can the latest Book of Ra version compete with the previous Deluxe version of Book of Ra?

Even with the latest mobile version of the game classic, the game is presented with 5 reels and 10 game lines. The graphics have been slightly improved compared to its predecessors but not really come into its own. Interestingly, in the “Book of Ra Deluxe Slot” version, in contrast to the “Book of Ra Slot” version, an additional pay-line was introduced.
By default, there are 10 additional free spins on the mobile Book of Ra version, but it should be said that it is better for less experienced players to keep a close eye on their budget. It is certainly not exaggerated to say that in this mobile version very significant profits are to be realized, yes, the profits can almost be described as astronomical.
Likewise, it is also possible within a very short time to completely exhaust his budget in this game. Unfortunately, this version is no different from its predecessors, as the odds are much lower than other slot machine games. Nevertheless, it is certainly a very special attraction for experienced players to try to tap the high profit distributions.
Although not much has changed in the Book of Ra Deluxe slot version compared to the conventional Deluxe version, you can certainly notice with some satisfaction that it has been possible to rewrite all the advantages of the PC version on Android and IOS. Of course, it is the mobile games for the tablet or the smartphone is still in its infancy.
There are currently only a few hundred casino games but thousands of known and rather lesser-known casino games for the PC. In the long term, however, one can safely assume that the development of arcade, slot machine and casino games will increase sharply in the coming years. In the long term, the number of mobile games could even match the PC games in this area – or even overtake them.
But it must be ensured that a casino game on the smartphone as exciting and captivating as the game on the home PC. With Book of Ra Deluxe Slot this has succeeded in every case. Although it is not any better than its PC predecessor, it can be said that this has created a foundation on which to create more and better versions of this classic game.

So, you could say that with Book of Ra Deluxe slot the foundation was laid for the future of slot machine games on Android and IOS. – And this future does not look bleak, but lets developers, programmers, and especially gamers and users, look ahead to the slot machine classics

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