10 Jan

Traveling by bus: songs to include in your playlist

Traveling by a bus can be hard sometimes and exhausting. It can take more than 5 hours if you travel across a continent but it is always worth it. If you travel somewhere new it is always nice to see the new places through the window and talk with other travelers or locals. You always need some essential items in your bags like water and mobile. But to keep the journey interesting you need the right music. The music on your mobile phone can make your journey very happy or very sad. If your music is fast and loud. With the adrenaline you will think that you are going on an adventure, but if your music is slow you will spend most of your time looking sad through the window. It might not seem like a good deal, but it is. You can put song and whole playlists to make it easier. So here is my list of travel by bus music: