15 Feb

Traveling by bus: games to kill time

Travelling by bus can be exhausting and long. You will need to do something to keep your mind working. Your time will fly and you will sleep easier and a lot more.

When you travel by bus you have to keep yourself and others entertained. Play some group games or share some stories. You can start by playing with one of your friends and if the rest of the bus sees the fun in it they will join in the game. In my list of games there are more friendly and include more friends or people on the bus. So I will start with:


9 Feb

Traveling By Bus: What to Put in Your Bag

These days is very cheap to travel by plane, but sometimes it is way better to travel by bus. It may be a longer road but there are ways to fulfil your time and if you travel to a new place you can visit many places along the road and see great landscapes. Just sitting and glaring through the window can be relaxing on the daytime. In the night you can bring your lap top or papers to finish your work or you can get a nice sleep. Since I’ve been traveling a lot by a bus I can share some great tips and what to put in your bag. On your journey you can bring only a backpack with you and you can carry only few things so you have to be organized.