Bus Trip 9 Oct

How to Make Your Bus Trip Unforgettable

Let’s face it, buses are not ideal. It’s a bumpy ride, you have to know what to put in your bag . Perhaps it is not the best means of transportation if you are going from New York to Los Angeles but there is virtually nothing that can not be fixed.  

I wish people would just stop claiming to know the best way to travel. I know I’ve talked about trains versus planes and planes versus buses, but it is time to realize none of them is best just the same way none of them is the worst. They are different. All of them. Just like we are. 

So, this time instead of comparing different means of traveling, I wanted to take a deeper look into busses – traveling, its drawbacks and remedies to make it the best trip of your life.  

Drawbacks of buses


It’s slow. I’m not going to argue with that. At least it’s safe.  but here we have two ways to look at it, If you don’t have the time, don’t take the bus.  

If you feel discouraged because it is slow as in boring, well then you just have to make sure your bus-time is fully utilized.  

Books, journaling, games – think far and wide. Also, even Wi-Fi is now available on the bus. buses now, which opens up your options further. Though, make sure you limit your need to download stuff or read about no deposit slots. That sort of thing. Wi-fi on the bus have blocks on adult content and bandwidth. 

All I am saying is that if you plan your trip meticulously, even a trip of a thousand miles would not be a problem.  

Unless it gets uncomfortable… 


There’s the thing, when I think back to my personal trips, I can’t decide which ones were the most uncomfortable: on train, on bus or by plane.  

Here the problem is not the seating itself, but people that surround you. Because if you can spread out, it’s not that bad. Staying in one seat, when there are people in front, from the sides and behind you is the real issue.  

Here I have trouble helping you out. Personally, I use a U-shaped neck pillow and a pair of noise-canceling headphones. My tip: always have an emergency pair. And basically, try out different pillows, eye masks – something will fit.  

Privacy. Again, unless you are on a fancy bus, you will have lots of people around you all the time. But that also applies to economy class on the train or plane. Here’s what I suggest – don’t assume anything, be nice but straight.  

For example, when the trip starts, check the waters. See who is likely to talk, who is better left alone, etc. You can’t think that everyone will be a bad companion (not to mention a potential business opportunity). Try to be nice with people but don’t hide. If the kid is kicking your seat, or music is too loud – tell them. The worst thing is to suffer through the whole trip assuming they wouldn’t agree to comply.