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Seven Reasons to Travel by Train instead of by Plane

Of course, if you need to get from Prague to Barcelona within three hours, you do not have many options to replace air transport. However, if you think well about traveling by train, you must necessarily have several advantages over the aviation. Actually, quite a lot. And I’m the one who will board the aircraft at least 30 times a year.

1. You get an idea of the country you are passing through

Sure, flying off the sunrise and seeing some places from a bird’s eye view is worth it, and especially for those who do not fly regularly, that’s an experience. But you take a plane on the plane for a while. Just a few minutes before you reach the flight level. And then? Usually, you look at the clouds from above. And if you are lucky and no cloudiness, from a height of 10 kilometers, you usually do not enjoy natural beauty, do you? Traveling by train may take longer, but when you go through a country (by day) by train, you can quite accurately assess what the natural aspect is.

2. Your neighbor is not fixed

An obese person sitting on an airplane next to you or behind you is a ticket to several hours of nerves and complications. Not to mention children who hardly recognize the light, but their parents are still taking on the aircraft.

A problem that can be solved by ultrasonic hearing aids, or in the worse case of swallowing diazepam. But on the train? If you do not have a seat and the train is not full, which is an extraordinary affair, you can run away from your problem and sit next to someone who does not look like Bud Spencer and does not cry like unsuccessful diaper advertising.


3. It’s safer

Does your friend say that the plane is the safest means of transportation in the world? Well, perhaps unintentionally, he does not tell you the truth. According to the latest statistics, the billions of people killed by the airplane successfully flee the plane. There are only 20 people on the train. Maybe it is a negligible number in both cases, but the train is still almost six times safer than the plane.

4. It is more ecological

It is not a study of the last year, but although it is 2009, it is more than likely that this has not changed so much in the past six years. Anyway, if you used an average domestic flight instead of a high-speed train to transport between the same cities, you were responsible for 29 times more carbon dioxide emissions than those who chose the racing.

5. You do not meet baggage limitations

“Sir, your baggage is 43 centimeters instead of 42 centimeters, you’ll have to pay 40 euros.” The sentence that drives the hair and the quietest traveler. Yet it sounds quite often. Can you imagine the guides on the train say you can not take the second travel bag on the train? No? Well, they do not do it either. In this respect, travel by train is much more practical.

6. Nobody ever bothers you

Traveling by train is a breathtakingly cool experience. Here, a new passenger takes you to the coupe, another leaves, and the conductor will check your ticket there. You can peacefully check www.top-casino-bonus.co.uk bonuses and play your favourite games. No one will be disturbing you when rethinking your poker or blackjack strategies. Now, if we are only talking about the years of some low-budget airlines, many of them today will be charging money for charity or selling scratch cards. The word “no” is so often spoken more than a 17-year-old girl at a party of freshly released prisoners.

7. Trains will take you to city centers, not 50 km away

Rail transport has one major advantage before the aircraft – the main station was built in the cities usually significantly earlier than the airport. At that time, the neighborhood of cities was not built as it is today, and so many airfields have often begun around the city in the wake of air traffic. Today, it is no exception that even though you fly to a city, you will land more than 100 kilometers from its center. Munich West Airport or Norwegian Oslo-Torp Airport, which is about 120 km from Oslo, can serve as an example. This often leads to a bizarre situation where you pay for airport transfers to the city center more than for the ticket itself. And how would your grandmother confirm you: It would not happen to you on the train…

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