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Traveling by bus: games to kill time

Travelling by bus can be exhausting and long. You will need to do something to keep your mind working. Your time will fly and you will sleep easier and a lot more.

When you travel by bus you have to keep yourself and others entertained. Play some group games or share some stories. You can start by playing with one of your friends and if the rest of the bus sees the fun in it they will join in the game. In my list of games there are more friendly and include more friends or people on the bus. So I will start with:

Name that tune

Start singing a song or start humming it and let others guess the song. Whoever guesses it can try to sing next. If the radio on the bus is playing you can guess the song when it first comes up.

Geography game

Someone begins with mentioning a city. It can be of the country you are traveling or from the rest of the world. An example of Rome. The next person sitting to you have to mention a city with the last letter of your city. So the next have to use the letter E and example of Empoli. It is always good to prepare for your journey or you might hear an interesting place you will want to visit.


Twenty questions

Let’s say you start. You must mention if you are a person, a place or a thing. The others need to ask the person 20 different questions, but you can only answer with yes or no. The person who guesses your identity correctly gets to choose his identity next.


There are a lot of games that you can play with cards. My favorite is Bridge, but depending on the road and space you might want to play a smaller game. You can gather 2 to 5 people and have a lot of fun.

Magnetic chess

I know this is a weird thing to put on a list. But based on my travel experience, elderly people carry it around with them and can spend a lot of hours having fun with it.


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Tic Tac Toe

You need to have paper sheets prepared or you can download it on your smart phone or tablet.


My personal favorite. I can spend lot of time trying to figure out one. You can leave it if you are tired and come back to it whenever you are ready. It is simple, but challenging because it is hard and you will never play two same games. I always carry a small book of Sudoku on my travels by bus. You don’t know what kind of people you might sit with and you need to be prepared to have fun on your own.

Crossword puzzle

You can play alone or have people around you help you. You just need to be prepared with Crossword Puzzle Paper.


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Video Games

We live in a time that every one of us carries one gadget. Smart phone, tablet or some gaming device. You can play all kinds of games but you need to mind the battery. If the bus owns a power outlet you can spend lot of time having fun.

To make the most of the trip consider playing variety games with more people. Games can be a great thing to get to know the other passengers.

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