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Traveling by bus: songs to include in your playlist

Traveling by a bus can be hard sometimes and exhausting. It can take more than 5 hours if you travel across a continent but it is always worth it. If you travel somewhere new it is always nice to see the new places through the window and talk with other travelers or locals. You always need some essential items in your bags like water and mobile. But to keep the journey interesting you need the right music. The music on your mobile phone can make your journey very happy or very sad. If your music is fast and loud. With the adrenaline you will think that you are going on an adventure, but if your music is slow you will spend most of your time looking sad through the window. It might not seem like a good deal, but it is. You can put song and whole playlists to make it easier. So here is my list of travel by bus music:

  • Bob Marley – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright or some playlist, there are couple of the famous songs that you get on every playlist and these songs will make you happy and friendly on every journey. You can play it little louder, no one minds to hear Bob Marley in the daytime.

  • Jon Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer – is my favorite song to travel to. You can download the whole playlist and the whole bus is “gonna” rock with you.


  • Guns ‘N Roses – November Rain – is the song you will be repeating on the way. You may need quality earphones or headphones so you don’t damage your hearing.

  • Sting – Englishman in New York

  • Coldplay – Paradise

  • Kings of Leon – playlist

  • Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait

  • The Eagles – Hotel California

  • Iggy Pop – The Passenger

  • Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack

  • Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • Nickelback – What are you waiting for – I would like to finish my playlist with Nickelback, There are a lot of songs with nice guitar and rhythm that you can play over and over again.

Your music can define your whole journey and you can see I made quite a rocking one. I am all kinds of music person. I can listen to Eminem, Frank Sinatra or even classical music, but there is a time and place for every music. I included the links to the songs too so that you can hear them right away and download for your bus travel. I am open to suggestions, if you have a playlist or some song that reminds of traveling by bus or is necessary for travel please share it with us.

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