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Traveling By Bus: What to Put in Your Bag

These days is very cheap to travel by plane, but sometimes it is way better to travel by bus. It may be a longer road but there are ways to fulfil your time and if you travel to a new place you can visit many places along the road and see great landscapes. Just sitting and glaring through the window can be relaxing on the daytime. In the night you can bring your lap top or papers to finish your work or you can get a nice sleep. Since I’ve been traveling a lot by a bus I can share some great tips and what to put in your bag. On your journey you can bring only a backpack with you and you can carry only few things so you have to be organized.

First things first. We live in a time when we can’t go somewhere without our smart phone. Don’t forget to bring power bank or charger for your battery or if you travel in a newer bus there might be a possibility to find an electrical outlet.

Second, don’t forget to bring up snacks, you don’t know how long it will take to the next stop and sometimes the bus can stop at some popular places and the snacks can be expensive.

Pick up a newspaper or book when you go to the station, it is good for you to leave your phone and read from paper. There are also crosswords and Sudoku in most of the papers so it will pass quite a time. Personally I always bring Sudoku book with me.

Ear plugs or earphones (headphones). Sometimes when you travel it can be crowded and loud. You don’t know if there may be loud talkers or babies crying. You may want to sleep or to keep the mind off the boring conversations.


Travel pillow and eye mask. When you travel by bus the sleeping time is at minimum and you want to make the most of it. You want to look refreshed when you arrive at your destination.

Wet wipes or hand sanitizers. I like to keep myself clean and some busses can be really messy and dirty. Even when you make a stop you don’t know if there are soaps in the bathroom.

Last of all and most used is water. Take big water bottle with you for your journey. You don’t want to get dehydrated.

These few things are essential to every of my travels with bus. More of the list depends on the person you are, or depending on the weather or season.

Traveling by a bus can be very fun. You can meet new people, learn new things and hear good stories. If you haven’t travelled by bus in the last years my advice is to take it next time. Almost every bus has air condition all the time and in some even Wi-Fi. I hope you like my list, but I would be glad if you add your list or write something essential that I forgot.

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